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With over ten years performing experience, Kieran is the perfect frontman. Known for his ranging vocals and stage presence, this young man from Thatcham leads The Difference with the confidence of a seasoned professional. Having performed throughout his teens as a solo act, Kieran became one of the founding members of The Difference in 2009, and has been the ever present image of the band ever since.

Please visit Kieran’s Facebook page to see if he is performing any solo gigs near you!

K I E R A N  D E R W I N  L E A D  V O C A L S  &  G U I T A R

The final original member of The Difference is Tom. Hailing from Thatcham, Tom started out as the band’s bassist. It became quickly apparent that Tom had a talent for every musical instrument, and he soon became a regular feature playing lead guitar on a number of songs. After the most recent personnel shift, Tom has begun playing guitar, and has struck up a fantastic relationship with Phil Eves, resulting in mesmerising dual guitar solos and powerful riffs beginning to creep into many songs. Tom also brings a tech head to the band, as a prospective student on the prestigious Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey. With his ability, the band has been able to produce their sound to the highest standard.

T H O M A S  W A L S H  L E A D  G U I T A R

Another original member of the band, Phil joined the band as the lead guitarist. He quickly struck up a fantastic relationship with singer Kieran Derwin and the chemistry between frontman and guitarist is still plain to see. Drawing inspiration from Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Phil has grown into an accomplished guitarist and also provides backing vocals to many songs.

P H I L  E V E S  L E A D  G U I T A R  &  V O C A L S

Ben is an exciting addition to The Difference, and has hit the ground running. His powerful style of play, mixed with incredible technical ability drives the band forward with great precision. Heavily influenced by the Foo Fighter’s Taylor Hawkins, Ben brings a new sound to The Difference, as well as being labelled as having “the classic boy band look!” Growing with every experience, Ben gets better every gig, and is taking The Difference in an exciting new direction.

B E N  W E B B  D R U M S

Welcoming our new bassist Pete. Our very own Ron Weasley lookalike is studying at Winchester University with Ben Webb and has settled in very quickly. Drawing influence from bands like the red hot chili Peppers, he is the perfect fit for the band. With facial hair that even the most ardent Movember participant would dream of and the chat to go with it, we are excited to be working with our first natural bassist!

P E T E  D U F F Y  B A S S



07770 219294

07837 463147

A D D I T I O N A L  M E M B E R S

J O H N  G R A N T   K E Y B O A R  D  & V O C A L S

One of the five original members of the band, John left in 2012 to pursue a career in music in London. As a student at the University of Westminster, John is studying music performance and learning from some of the best in the business. John was a massive part of the band, and is partly responsible for the success of the group today. He often comes back to play with the band when he can, adding a different feel to the set.

D A V I D  E V E S   B A S S  &  V O C A L S

David showed his incredible talent in a number of ways. As the youngest member of The Difference, David brought an added enthusiasm, as well as a vast amount of musical knowledge. He is capable of stepping onto any instrument and luckily when he’s back from university he still plays the odd gig!.

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